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Plan Better. Afford More.

Everything you need from affordability, CMHC, land transfer taxes to all the rebates you can get when buying your first home

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Buying a home?


An end to end planning app

Home ownership requires more than a mortgage.

The Canadian Mortgage App demystifies all the hidden costs right from the palm of your hand.

Oh, did we mention it's free?

Our development is supported by building branded apps for professionals.

Are you prepared for the last minutes expenses?

Fees associated with purchasing a home can really add up and many home buyers underestimate the exact amount required. Use the closing cost screen to determine the cost associated with:

  • * Land transfer tax
  • * Home inspection costs
  • * Moving Costs
  • * PST on CMHC
  • * Appraisals
  • * Legal fees
  • * Final adjustments

What is the maximum loan you can afford?

The amount of the loan you are qualified is determined by many factors such as:

  • * Credit history
  • * Value of property
  • * Income

Use our affordability estimator to determine how much you can borrow using industry standard debt services ratios (GDS/TDS)

How long will it take you to pay off your loan?

We all want to know how long before we pay off our loans. From the amortization screen, you can see the impact of various payment frequencies can have on your amortization period as well as find out how extra payments can change the term of your loan.

Are you constantly searching for the best rates?

Finding the perfect mortgage product for your situation can be a stressful and tedious task and even worse, there are thousands of rate sites out there promising lowest rates.

The rate screen on the Canadian mortgage app is a bit different, it lets you search and filter from thousands of competitive rates by specifying your situation. Plus you can get push notification when they change :)

What's the land transfer tax in your municipality?

Land transfer tax is based on the value of your property and paid on the closing date. Some provinces or municipalities have their own formula for calculating these fees.

Use the land transfer tax screen to determine the fee that applies to you in your province

Buying your first home or a new home?

Some provinces offer up to $8,000 rebate to first-time home buyers or a partial exemption on newly build home.

We keep a close eye on the available rebates and include them on the app. Use the first time buyer switch to instantly calculate your rebate.

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