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Our native mobile tools includes a powerful purchase calculator, stress test, extra payment calculator, closing cost estimator, side by side comparisons, CMHC premiums, minimum down payment calculator, land transfer taxes & FTHB rebates and many more.


You have not seen anything like it. On the outside, it offers a polished UI with a solid UX that leaves you breathless, Inside, a powerful engine for place prediction, expense estimation, insurability and rental property detection, product match, with CMHC premiums, income, debt payments and credit score input. In the end, a beautiful PDF for your clients topped up with a push and details right to your phone.


The entire B20 Guideline is baked into your app with the up to date BOC rate. You can further customize your Stress Test with your own GDS/TDS, insurability settings, rental income rule selection to toggle between (Add back & reduce by rental expenses) and much more.


Some companies make it an entire app, we see it was one feature. Consolidating over 2,000 mortgage rates from participating lenders. Perform a comprehensive search with built-in filters for purpose, rate type, LTV. Speed and quality beyond belief. In PRO, you can choose to show custom rates to your clients, all at the click of a button.


We've mapped out land transfer taxes for every single province and municipality, added in FTHB rebates, foreign buyer taxes and newly built home rebates. All in one single app. Combined with our closing cost estimator, this feature is one of our Realtor's favourites and soon your referral sources. GO PRO TODAY!

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PRO Features

To help you work better remote and improve client experience

You get a personalized native mobile app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store supporting 7,000+ devices.

Premium Purchase Calculator that includes all mortgage insurance rules and the minimum down payment calculations.

Your clients can get pre-qualified and generate branded reports. You’ll get notified and automatically receive all reports.

If you already have your client’s info, simply run it through the Pre-Qualification Tool and generate personalized reports.

Generate beautiful and branded Mortgage Summary and Comparison Reports with more details than you ever could

Stress Test with the full B-20 Guidelines and the best side by side comparison tool you have ever seen

Dark Mode is ideally suited to low-light environments, helps to prevent eye strain.

Control the amount of details presented to you. Swipe from Basic to Advanced and view the information you need most.

Allow you increase payments by a percentage such as 10%, 15%, and 20% and instantly see the total interest savings over the term of the mortgage.

Gain insight with daily download data and usage analytics to see how your app performs over time.

Receive push notifications & alerts when new users install your app or register their email on your app.

A mini CRM where you can track who installs your app and contact your users via email, text or by phone.

That includes native Sharing capability to to let users share your app further to their networks.

Connect with your favourite Realtor. Gift them their own branded app and be the partner on their app.

Advertise your profile to thousands of potential home buyers on the Canadian Mortgage App.​

Land transfer taxes and first time home buyer rebates anywhere in Canada.

We offer live technical support on the app for you and your clients as well as search able FAQs

Manage multiple scenarios for a client, share them, create reports and load them back on other devices.

Professionally translated to ​​​​​​French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Hindi. Your Clients will just love you for it.​

You can point your app to your existing online applications simply by adding in the Apply URL

You can either have your app sync with lender rates or enter your own custom rates to show your clients.

Choose from over 10,000 colour combinations and toggle between gradient and solid look to match your branding.

Your in-app Admin console lets you update your contact information and customize your app anytime.

We are continuously improving CMA to be the GOTO app for both mortgage brokers, their clients and their referral partners.

Customized in 5 Minutes

All on your phone any time, any place


Download Canada’s #1 mortgage app and explore all the features completely for free.

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Mobile is the modern way to get referrals. Send your app to the world, social media, add badges to your website and signatures.

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Having the PRO app is one thing, getting exposed on Canada’s #1 mortgage app as a Local Expert is yet another. We’ll show your profile to thousands of local home buyers who use CMA on a daily basis.

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  • Advanced Rate Customizations
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  • Premium Calculators
  • Branded Canadian Mortgage App
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  • Branded Pre-Qualification & Reports
  • Advanced Rate Customizations
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Used by thousands of industry experts

What PROs are saying

Tons of positive feedback
Cody Rowe
Read More
I’m getting tons of positive feedback – not to mention new clients – by getting this app in the hands of my referral partners.
Very helpful!
Read More
As a Realtor, I frequently use this app as a quick reference to give my clients an idea of what expenses will be.
Best mortgage app!!
Read More
I use this app at least one a day. Text it to my clients to pre-fill the applications makes my life easier.
Great App
Bosley Jos ,
Read More
I'm a réaltor in downtown Toronto and I make my clients download this app. It allows us to compare costs of various properties easily and accurately. Keep up the good work!
Favourite App for business
Read More
As a real estate Broker this App is amazing for my clients. It helps them play around with different purchase price scenarios, calculate closing costs & down payments also helps me run quick numbers for investor clients on the spot. The Pro is worth it all day long! The support staff is great and very responsive.
I love this app!!
Read More
I have been a mortgage broker for 12 years and this is the best mortgage calculator app that I have ever used. I am very excited to share it with both my clients and referral sources! Thank you!!
Awesome app.
Read More
I cannot live without this app. Immensely useful for qualifying buyers on the spot and show my expertise
Best Apps for rental property in Canada
Read More
How was it even possible to be an investor before this one came out. Best app ever made. Take in consideration all the subtlety of the Canadian market
Great real-estate investing app
Doubt fire
Read More
As a new real estate investor, this app is my number one go-to resource for quickly comparing and evaluating the properties I'm looking at. Great interface, and easy to use.
This App Rocks
Read More
I'm a Real Estate Sales Professional in Ontario- this app covers it all! Land transfer tax calculations, mortgage insurance calculations, etc. They thought of everything when they developed this app!
Read More
I'm able to quote clients accurate numbers on mortgages including CMHC fees in seconds.
Best Mortgage App
Read More
I love this app. Makes me look professional in front of my clients. Quick and easy enough anyone can use it.

Quick, easy and accurate
Simply Powerful

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