Get Pre-Qualified without a credit check
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Estimate the maximum house price that you can afford to purchase.

It's super easy, discreet and happens all on your phone. Plus, you'll receive a detailed summary report that you can present when you are ready to get pre-approved with a lender

Budget better with a super calculator
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The Purchase Calculator gives you an accurate estimate of your total monthly cost for your new purchase. Also takes into account mortgage payments and insurance (CMHC).

Stress Test your purchase with the latest rules
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The Stress Test calculates the maximum loan you can qualify using advanced industry rules (yes all of them) such as rental income rules and the 2018 B20 guidelines to give you an accurate idea of how much loan you can borrow.

It's also super flexible and lets you configure debt service ratios and individual stress test rules.

View all payments, interests and savings
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You are in full control with a complete overview with all frequencies.

Total interest and total savings for each payment frequency and extremely accurate payments with principal & interest break down. 

Increase your payment and be surprised with savings
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Increase payments or add annual lump sum prepayments and learn the difference. Analyze the impact of increased payment per payment frequency.

Flip pages and analyze amortization tables
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Quickly view the loan remaining at the end of each year, principal and interest paid in a specific year. Click on any year to dive deeper into the details

Compare your options side by side and win
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Enter information such as rate, down payment, home price and payment frequency, in the corresponding fields to analyze two different mortgage scenarios.

You'll be able to quickly pick the mortgage that works best for you by comparing important variables side by side.

Love beautiful visuals? We got those too
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Visualize how loan, interest and principal behave over time. Our premium graphs animate and responds to touch so you know exactly what to expect.

Avoid Surprises with a closing cost estimator
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The Closing Cost includes a list of items such as legal fees, land transfer taxes, and moving costs, which is often overlooked when planning for your new purchase.​​​​​

Check Land transfer taxes anywhere in Canada
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Virtually any municipality in Canada is covered in the land transfer tool. You'll not only see the rules and explanations how those numbers are calculated but you can also toggle first time home buyer rebates and foreign buyer taxes.


PRO is for industry professionals and it's our proprietary branding technology that allows savvy mortgage professionals and real estate agents to brand the Canadian Mortgage App, customize it and offer it to their lovely clients.