Dark Mode

Never been easier on the eye

We recently updated the Canadian Mortgage App to support dark mode, and it turned out to be much more complicated than it first meets the eye.
At first, we thought it’s a bunch of black and whites or shades of gray batched together as we felt. However, Dark Mode is rich, dynamic, and it’s somewhat crazy when you start coding for it. 
The first thing you learn is that “Elevation” matters.


Elevation governs what shade of “gray” each view should be coloured depending on where they are, more specifically how high they are in the stack or, in other words, how close each view is to your eye relative to other views.

For example, if you have a black background view, then the next view on top of the background must be “lighter” in its shade, and the view on top of that (say a button) must even be lighter than it’s own immediate background view

Only once all view positions and their elevation have been defined then we can intelligently shade each and develop a beautiful 3D effect just by using grays.

How to enable Dark Mode

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Light Mode

Dark Mode

3D layered view that make up the home screen

In order to develop a refined 3D look in Dark Mode, each view layer had to be assessed for its elevation in relation to other views in the hierarchy.

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