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What is Pre-Qualification?

Pre-qualification is a fancy word for estimating the maximum house price that you can afford. Our app takes into account your down-payment, income, debt and using proprietary location data to calculate your home-related expenses.

Once you know your exact pre-qualified amount, you can confidently shop for homes in that price range.

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Answer a few simple questions and our world-class algorithm crunches the numbers and calculates your maximum home price.

Pre Qualification Report CMA

You’ll also receive a detailed report with all the bells and whistles that you can use when you ready for a lender pre-approval.

Pre Qualification Report

With this power in your pocket, you can confidently start looking for your new home.

Cool. But is it Accurate?​

You bet it is!

We consulted with some of the top mortgage experts in Canada and interviewed lenders to understand the inner works of their underwriting techniques.

Our world-class algorithm also uses advanced techniques to account for complex mortgage rules, rental scenarios, the complete B-20 guidelines (stress test).

We also leverage location-specific proprietary data to estimate heat, condo fees and property taxes.

You’ll be impressed once you see what we believe is the most accurate pre-qualification in the world.

100% Discreet​

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All your information stays private to you and no one will ever try to contact you.

This doesn’t mean we are not here to help when you need it. Once you are pre-qualified, you’ll get access to special services.

For instance, you can request a free professional consultation with one of our experts to see how you can improve your numbers or you can request multiple pre-approvals from a variety of lenders and banks.

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