Pre-Qualification on Demand

Generate Personalized
Pre-Qualification Reports

For you and your clients

We Listened to your Demand and we Simplified the Process

In the past, Mortgage Brokers had to share their branded mobile app with a client and the client would be required to enter their info and get pre-qualified, generate a pre-qualification report and send it back to the Mortgage Broker.

The need to download the broker’s app first with too many steps created a bit of friction in some scenarios.

Thanks to this New Feature, the Pre-qualification on demand will allow you to pre-qualify a client in less than 60 seconds and send them a personalized certificate or report. 

Do you know what is even better? You can send this to any client, even if they don’t have your app downloaded yet!

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Pre-Qualification on Demand

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • For unlimited clients
  • Even without your app
Pre Qualification on Demand

Share with a Client

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Generate and send a personalized pre-qualification report to a client.

Personalized Report

  • Reports are generated and emailed in real time. Only requieres first name, last name and email.
  • CC as many recipients as you wish.
  • Clients will receive personalized reports & your app install link.

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