What's New In Version 10


Get Pre-Qualified right on your phone!        

We consulted with some of the top mortgage experts in Canada and interviewed lenders to understand the inner works of their underwriting techniques. 

Our world-class algorithm includes Rental Rate and Offset and detects Secure and Unsecured Loans, crunches the numbers and calculates your maximum home price. 

Once you know your exact pre-qualified amount, you can confidently shop for your new home. 



More Improvements 

Custom Dashboard

Our new on-boarding allows for a better experience. A few questions help provide a personalized design to set up your app for success.

Optimized Information

You can now view the most accurate mortgage rates and tax information by enabling or entering your current location. 

New Way to Sign In

Say goodbye to social login. With our new login process, you can create an account using your email address. 

Free Report

Your pre-qualification includes a detailed report with all the bells and whistles so you can quickly evaluate your mortgage readiness.

Why are these improvements significant? Because knowing how much you can afford gives you more purchase power.   



For PRO Subscribers    

With the help of feedback from our CMA Pro's, we wrote a bunch of code to handle the various encoding protocols. Highlights of Version 10 PRO  

  • Updates to Montreal's "Taxe de Bienvenue"
  • Ability to text message reports from any of the tools menus
  • Clients can now apply directly from your app
  • Newly designed branded reports  

Learn about Pre-Qualification for PRO