What's New In Version 9.10

New "Rental Income"


In this version, the app allows you to include rental income to qualify you for a higher mortgage.

We’ve also added six brand new options allowing you to reduce your expenses and determine your maximum loan.

Furthermore, a toolbar button above the keyboard makes it easier to see which option is currently being used by the app.

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More Improvements 

More With Best Rate

The "Best Rate" card on the home screen now shows you how much interest you save. 

Especially For Montrealers 

Taxe de Bienvenue "Welcome Tax" is now up to date for all our amazing Montreal users.

In-App Care

Lots of small updates and a few bug fixes in the "compare side to side" feature.

Increase Your Mortgage

You can now see how rental income can increase the mortgage you can borrow.

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How much do you save with the Best Rate


The “Best Rate” card has been updated to give you more details, like how much interest you are going to save.

Now you can find rates, compare them side by side and see which one saves you the most in interest.

To get the rate you want, simply make a request and hit submit. Got questions? You can chat with us live right on the app.

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Why are these improvements significant? Because knowing how much you'll save helps you pick your best rate.   

Hope you enjoy this version as much as we did building it. For any questions, chat with us by visiting the "Extra" tab