CMA Partner App(s)

How it works

Benefits to Brokers​

You can offer each of your referral partners their own branded app, which they can promote individually. Your profile will be available on their app ready to serve their clients when they make a mortgage request. In other words, when a user makes a request on your referral partner’s app, the request comes directly to you in real-time.

Of course, your partner gets notified as well when a request is submitted so that he/she is aware of their client’s initiative to connect with the mortgage partner.

There is no restriction on how many partner apps you can have.

Benefits to your Referral Partner

When a Realtor receives their own branded app, they can freely share it with their network, knowing that it’s their brand that they are advertising. They can post their app on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, send it as a text message or email it to their entire database. They can also use the pre-qualifier on their own with their clients.

Say someone installs the Realtor’s app. The Realtor receives the user’s contact info and can contact them to help them find a home. It’s a prospect for them.

Not only can they offer their active clients access so many useful tools, but they can also proudly tell their new clients to get pre-qualified or start their mortgage application on their app with their trusted partner. You!

No business card exchange needed, and the client can initiate their mortgage in the comfort of their home. Watch how it works in this video.

Side note: We hear that some unprofessional mobile mortgage specialists attempt to connect the Realtor’s clients to another Realtor of their own. This feature naturally avoids this problem for your Realtor partner and offers them extra confidence.

Benefits to Clients​​

CMA has are far too many benefits for Home Buyers to list here, but if you already have the PRO app, you may already know. 

Consumers love the Canadian Mortgage App and have already expressed it in over 13,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ app store reviews to date.

We know that having the ability to get pre-qualified on an app is one thing, being able to consult with a dedicated broker directly from their Realtor’s app is an entirely new professional display of service.

Besides, who likes to be sent off to another place to get pre-approved when they could very well open their Realtor’s app and connect with a broker partner who won’t treat them like a stranger.

Should you sponsor your referral Partner?

YASSS! Absolutely! 

We believe this is the best gift a broker can offer their referral partners. When a broker partner takes initiative and offers their top referral partners a branded app of their own, it solidifies their partnership and the investment helps both their businesses. 

We love that too because when a Realtor equips their app with a dedicated broker partner, it makes it the ultimate tool for their clients.


How much does it cost?​

Affordable. If your referral partner already has a PRO app, then it’s only an additional $240/year. If they don’t have an app already, you can offer them a brand new PRO account for just $360/year.

It’s the perfect way to invest in your own business for 2020. Your Realtor partners will love you for it! You’ll love yourself for it too. Remember: One funded referral from your partner app offers you an ROI of 1,500%.

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