Pre-Qualification PRO

Industry-leading features

For you and your clients


Offers clients an easy way to estimate the maximum purchase price they can afford.

For Mortgage Brokers:

Gather required information for your initial assessment and to identify potential areas for improving your client’s file.

For Realtors:

Help your clients decide on the price range they can afford and educate them on all the expenses that come along with owning a home.

Pre Qualification PRO

Smart Wizard​

Location Location Location

Our new tool uses Location-specific data to accurately estimate condo fees, property taxes and heat expenses across Canada.

Branded Reports

A branded congrats email with a report is generated once your client is pre-qualified. Mortgage Brokers can also attach their application URL to it.

B20 Ready 

Our world-class algorithm also uses advanced techniques to account for complex mortgage rules, rental scenarios, and complete B20 guidelines.


Receive Push messages and email reports every time a new client completes the pre-qualification tool and generates a report.

Is it Accurate?

You bet it is.

We’ve consulted with some of the top mortgage experts in Canada and interviewed lenders to understand the inner works of their underwriting techniques.

Our world-class algorithm also uses advanced techniques to account for complex mortgage rules, rental scenarios, the complete B20 guidelines (stress test). We also leverage location specific proprietary data to estimate heat, condo fees and property taxes.

You’ll be impressed once you see what we believe is the most accurate pre-qualification in the world.

With this power in your pocket, you can easily convert prospects into clients.